President's Message
Providing Support for Your Future with Our Unique Grinding Technologies.

TAIYO KOKI was established in 1986 to specialize in the field of precision grind processing technology. Since then, we have strived to meet and exceed the demands of the market with our innovative power. Our designs have received high praise not only from our customers in Japan, but from our clients overseas as well for their improvement of workability and process innovation. We offer an extensive range of models, from small-scale machines used in the mass-production of parts, to large-scale machines used in small-lot production.
With this technological innovation capacity, our vertical grinding machines can handle almost any customer demand thanks to their high precision multi-processing. We will continue in our efforts to strive to become the best grinding machine specialist in the world, horning our unique development technologies and working hard to meet the demands of the global market.

Noboru Watanabe
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