Production, Quality assurance
In Taiyo Koki’s Machine Assembly Section, talented engineers assemble the machines with an accurate understanding of the blueprints. The production floor is a plant designed to produce the utmost accuracy; it is windowless to help with the strict temperature controls. Our goal is to achieve perfect assembly of spindles and grinding wheel spindles, which require the highest levels of precision, in a “Precision Assembly Room.”
The Machining Section has an efficient arrangement of bridge type machining centers, bridge type plane grinding machines, various types of machining centers, lathes, grinding machines and more, which are used by experienced engineers to make parts. Additionally, the placement of the painting plant next door has allowed us to do everything from parts manufacturing, painting and assembly all in-house, thereby improving our production efficiency.
Quality assurance
Once the product is complete, machining programs developed by Taiyo Koki are used to perform detailed machining tests. The tests are repeated until the product meets all the standards in terms of machining precision and machining time.
Machine assembly plant
Machine assembly plant
Machining plant (bridge type machining center
Machining plant
(bridge type machining center)
Precision measurement room
Precision measurement room
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