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Questions about the company

Q. Please tell us the origin of the company's name.
A. "Taiyo" means "sun" in Japanese, so it has the image of a company which is shining with a powerful light. And "Koki" is short for "kosaku kikai (machine tool)," because that is what we make with our cutting-edge technology. The name reflects the desire of the company's founder and Chairman, Mr. Noboru Watanabe.
Q. What kind of products do you make?
A. Taiyo Koki manufactures grinding machines. Grinding machines are machine tools which use grinding wheels to grind (polish) the surface of machine parts which need high precision, such as transmission parts for automobiles and the bearings which are used in all industrial machines. Grinding plays an important role in ensuring high quality for machine parts, and Taiyo Koki's products are used in a wide range of industries.
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Q. Please tell us your corporate philosophy and management policy.
A. As a company engaged in manufacturing and as a member of society, Taiyo Koki has determined the following corporate philosophy and management policy.
<Corporate Philosophy>
We create products which make the most of cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry worldwide through precision machining.
<Management Policy>
  1. We endeavor to comply with all laws both in Japan and overseas and to observe fair business practices.
  2. We will pursue innovation and contribute to society with our state-of-the-art technological ability and our ability to give good proposals.
  3. We will increase our corporate value and report to customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Questions about management/business

Q. Please tell us about your management strategies.
A. Taiyo Koki have expanded our business by reflecting requests from our customers in our development and design to satisfy their needs. This attitude will not change in the future. As a pioneer of vertical grinding machines, we will continue to refine our product technology, and will provide innovative technology for our customers' production processes.
Q. What industries are your main customers in?
A. The greatest demand for our products comes from the automobile, construction machinery, bearings, machine tools, printing machinery and metal product manufacturing sectors. In particular, demand from energy-related industries such as heavy electrical equipment, has been growing, especially from large companies.
Q. Which companies are your competitors, or make similar products?
A. A company which manufactures vertical grinding machines, as we do, is Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima, unlisted). Among listed companies, other grinding manufacturers include Waida Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Takayama) and Micron Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yamagata), but their products and target industries/machining are different from ours.

Questions about finance/results

Q. Please tell us the trends in your past business results.
 Please refer to Fact Sheet
Q. Please tell us about your order situation.
 Please refer to Fact Sheet

Questions about shares/dividends

Q. What is your securities code?
A. 6164.
Q. Please tell us about your market listing.
A. We were listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange on December 19, 2007.
Q. How many shares is a trading unit?
A. 100 shares.
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