Product Guide CNC Vertical Grinding Machine

Next-generation model of vertical grinding machine which employed ACC(Automatic Chuck Change) system pursuing productivity to the max. Work loading / unloading station and grinding station are equipped as standard, which allows work change and set-up while grinding another work. It significantly reduces non-grinding time and dramatically improves production ratio. Employing Direct Drive motor on work spindle (option) enables profile grinding such as cam, etc.

High-production Grinding Machine  PGV SERIES




  Range of grinding ID Range of grinding OD Length of grinding Swing of workhead
  Φ 25–Φ 100
(Φ 1.0–Φ 3.9)
Max Φ 150
(Max. Φ 5.9)
(Max. 3.9)
Φ 250
(Φ 9.8)

mm (in.)

The grinding length is restricted by the size of the inner diameter.

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